Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Clothes Cupcakes!

So I've been wanting to make these Baby Clothes Cupcakes for months! 
I've had the items in my craft box, 
but never found the right time to make them. 

This week, our friends Tim and Sarah had a little baby girl. 

She was a miracle baby, 7 years in the making! 
I was so thrilled to hold her in my arms and give her Mommy this special gift.

It's really easy to create and makes an adorable presentation! 

Items needed: 
  • Pastry Box
  • 8 Rubber Bands
  • 4 Coffee Filters
  • 4 items of clothing (I used 2 shirts and 2 pants)
  • 4 Receiving Blankets
  • Ribbon 

I purchased the boxes at Sur Le Table at The Fountains.
They come in packs of 3. I paid $4 for a set, but they are on SALE for $1.99! (Which means they only cost around $.66 a box)
 I think I'll go pick up more! 
Here are the supplies to make one cupcake.
I love the color combination, thanks to Target! 
Lay out your receiving blanket and fold in half lengthwise. 
Then fold it in thirds.
(Think short and fat, just like our babies!)
Fold one piece of your clothing in half
Roll it into a ball and scrunch it 
Start from one side and roll it up like you would a sleeping bag. 
Once it is rolled up, it should look like this. 
Secure it with a rubber band.
I pulled some of the clothing out from the top and flattened it,
to make it look more like frosting.  
Add the coffee filter and secure with another rubber band.
Once it is secure, I find it easier to pull the coffee filter up and fluff it. 
Then add your ribbon.
(I didn't have a thin ribbon, so I cut mine in half.
Not the nicest effect, but it did the job.) 
One Cupcake Done! 
Two Cupcakes Done! 
Place them in the box.
Made me feel like a Baker, without having to clean up the kitchen! 
Here they are, all nice and cozy in their bed. 
Wrap a ribbon around it and Wa La!
Isn't it ADORABLE!

These are SO much fun!
I'm definitely making them again.
So... if your having a bay shower within the next year
(and I'm invited) you'll know what I'll be giving you!

Until we meet again!

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  1. Deb, so creative! Looks
    good enough to eat!

  2. Thanks! They're calorie FREE too!

  3. Debs -- these are ADORABLE!!! You are AMAZING! Love you! -- "Aunt" Debbie

  4. Thanks Aunt Debbie! You are TOO sweet!

  5. i'm totally stealing this idea too! -Caitlin Kane

  6. I am also admired of these kid's clothing and this is exactly for winter days.


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