Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh Give Thanks

Autumn is my FAVORITE time of the year! 
I love all things FALL! 
Cooler Weather 
Leaves Changing Colors and Falling to the ground
Christmas Music Playing 
(yep... it plays in our house from October through January) 
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Spiced Candles Burning 
Oh... and of course Autumn Decorations. 

I LOVE decorating our new home. 
It's has a pretty neutral palate, so anything goes. 

The Secretary 
This beautiful Pottery Barn Secretary,
I purchased off Craigslist for 1/3 of the price!
The seller listed it and within 30 minutes,
we were on our way to pick it up.
I'd been looking for this exact piece and knew it wasn't in the budget.
When it came on Craigslist, I knew it was a gift from God.
I'm SO glad I purchased it.
I love having an office in the kitchen, a place to store paperwork
and get the junk mail off the countertops.
Plus, I can work on my computer and still see the kids play outside. 

So much FUN decorating the shelves.
It always takes me a while to get the look I want.
My Process:
Move something... step back... look... move it again... step back... look... and so it goes. 
The process is slow and methodical,
but usually evolves into what I had envisioned.

If I can't get it right, I look at magazines and see what the experts do!
Copying is the greatest form of flattery... right? 
 I thought I would use only office supplies or kitchen items,
 but decided to grab lots of different items from around the house. 
 Our Entry 
I used a chalkboard purchased at Home Depot HERE.
It's already painted with chalk paint and less then $7.00!  
Using Burlap Ribbon from Hobby Lobby,
(I always use the 40% off coupon on the store app)

I stapled it to the edge, making a rustic frame.
I'm NOT an artist, so please ignore the chalk writing.
My desire was to write a quote that was seasonal and inspirational.
It's important to not only be thankful for our own family,
but the ones we support in other nations.
I like to displayed their pictures as a reminder of what we can be thankful for
and to pray for them daily. 
Every Entry Way needs a place to put the mail. 

My beautiful sister made me a Paper Wreath for Christmas.
I LOVE it!
It gets better with age too. 
The Table  

An Autumn table is not complete without pumpkins and candles.

Both the table and chandelier were purchased at the Pottery Barn Sidewalk Sale.
They cost $149.00 combined.
At the regular sales price, they would  have been $2,300.00!
Oh how I LOVE good deals.
Thanksgiving Tree
This year, I decided to make a Thankgiving Tree.
A place to write what we are thankful for.
The tree decal I purchased HERE and I've been waiting to use it.
This was the perfect spot!
We printed leaves off the computer and wrote what we are grateful for.
I purchased the 'Give Tahnks' decal at Hobby Lobby. 

I hope this gives you a little inspiration for this wonderful season!
 I can't believe Thanksgiving almost here.
It's going to be EXTRA special this year
as my birthday is on Thanksgiving Day.
What a great way to spend a birthday!

Cheers, Debsx 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beckham's Baby Shower - Grey, Yellow & White Chevron

It's official... I'm throwing my sister Havilah, her last baby shower! 

Beckham Benjamin is her fourth and final boy. 

Havilah was made to have boys. 
She's strong, adventurous and full of energy. 
She's raising God-fearing, confident, courageous, men of honor.  
Watch out ladies! 

I had SO much fun planning this party. 
The idea for her Baby Shower came from this diaper bag. 

I loved the grey and white color theme, with a hint of yellow. 

So... off to planning and pinning. 
Hope you like the finished product! 

Chevon bunting welcomed guests as they entered the home!
Courtesy of Jeni from Crying Out Loud

The Giving Tree 
Once inside, a 'Giving Tree' was placed by the door.  
As with showers, we organized a group gift 
and I wanted to make it different and special. 
I have the idea of creating a giving tree.
Thanks to Margarita Kulaga!
She sells them and you can contact her HERE. 
A beautiful tree to place special notes and pin money on. 

It was very charming and thanks to all our generous friends,
the tree was full by the end of the party.
Thanks to Party Monkey for providing the templets for the cards! 
Jen Clagg and Wendy Nickols

To add some fun personalized decor to the space,
we made some 'Photo Banners' to hang around the house.
We took Ric Rac ribbon, photos and close pins
and made these adorable banners! 

The Drink Station 

We were able to use these beautiful drink dispensers, thanks Mom!
I wrapped ribbon around them
and added labels to match the theme. 

Drinks were served in mason jars, covered with cupcake liners.
They were completed with grey and white straws for a whimsical flare!
Thanks Pinterest! 
Fresh yellow roses, paper baby confetti and
handmade tableclothes gave the finishing touches!  
The silver antique cups were my Grandmothers.
I filled them with personal lemonade packets,
for ladies to add to their water bottles. 
The Food Table  

Brunch food was provided as the shower was held late morning.
The food was AMAZING and DELISH!
Thanks to Stephanie Brubaker, Tracy Lindquist,
 Jeni Hosel and Suzie Anfuso for making all the goodies. 

Glass Vases were filled with yellow, silver and white candies. 
An antique sliver piggy bank
which was my Father's as a baby. 
The Cake 
Thanks Beth's Cakes for providing this adorable cake!
Beth is a local cake maker and she's truly gifted.  
She even created the Chevron print to go with the theme! 

Havilah LOVED the cake! 
The inside was a Chocolate Chip Cake with a Buttercream Frosting.
It truly tasted like a Chocolate Chip Cookie! 
Let the Party Begin! 
Stephanie, Julie and Jennifer 
Manuela and Chimere
Jennifer and Grace 
Annie and Havilah

Sara and Natalie
Robyn and Suzie 
Minda and Lynn
Tracy and Kathryn 
Havilah and Robyn 
Opening the Gifts 

Thanks to everyone who gave,
she got THE diaper bag she wanted!!! 
Adorable wrapping! 
Lots of Books! 
Beautiful Art! 
Beckham snuggling Sara 

The reason for the party
Havilah and Beckham Cunnington 
'The Baby Making Queens'
Kara with Liam, KC with Paisley and Havilah with Beckham
All born within 6 weeks of each other!  

What a fun event... I am fully blessed to be a part of celebrating life! 
Thank you Tracy, Stephanie, Jeni and Mom for helping pull this off, 
You guys are the BEST!!!! 

Until we meet again! 

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