Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's the Small Things that Count!

I am still on New York time.... I appreciate that! I love mornings and it gives me the opportunity to arise in a quiet, peaceful house and welcome the morning. The pot of coffee has been made and I can sit down with my Bible and computer.

This season has been very busy. Daniel came home from our New York trip refreshed, only to be given a huge workload and deadlines to be completed. Not only that, but he has the flu. We were worried it was the N1H1 virus, but thanks to lots of prayers and rest, he is on the mend.

Gabriella turns three in 9 days! Wow... time does fly! She's an adorable little girl, full of life and adventure. She always wakes up happy (unless she didn't get enough sleep) and she is always asking, "What are we doing today?" It feels like I'm her adventure guide! She is very excited about her birthday coming up and asks if it's Christmas almost every morning.

Yesterday, she was in her room trying to take a nap. Since she couldn't sleep and wanted to get out of her room, fortunately she can't open doors yet. She kept saying to me, "Mommy... I love you! I love you forever. Do you hear me. I'm right here? " It was too cute to resist and I had to let her out. I am still in a battle for her soul and she's a total charmer. My prayer is that she will use her charm for the Kingdom of God and charm people towards God.

Gabriella loves to help! She helps me make coffee and toast every morning. She grinds the coffee beans and puts them in the French Press. When the boiling water is added, she pushes the plunger down. She adds milk and sweetener to the cups. She puts toast in the Toaster and pushes down the knobs. When the toast is ready and plated, she puts butter on the toast. However, I think she likes to eat the butter more that spread it. :)

William is growing up fast. Now that he is walking, he loves to GO! He likes to climb on things and I am always finding him on couches, tables and chairs. Trying to reach things he shouldn't touch and turn on/off lights. If the door is open to the outside, watch out. He LOVES the outdoors and hates to go inside. He'll cry and stand by the door hoping someone will listen to him. Since it's Fall, he loves to play with the fallen leaves, sticks and walk in the puddles.

He is a sweet little guy, very peaceful and happy. If you look at him, he'll smile and giggle. He has dark blue eyes and is a very handsome little man. He is a big Boy! He's almost a size above his peers and can almost fit Gabriella's shoes. Won't be long before he passes Gabriella by. He loves to eat! Hmm.... wonder were he got that from? He loves to play with cars and drive them along the floor or furniture. He'll play for hours alone and enjoys a peaceful home. He hates the bath right now. A couple of weeks ago, Daniel was bathing him in the shower and I thought Daniel asked me to turn the shower on. When I did, it sprayed all over him and it really scared him. Now he cries and cries when he has to bath. Although he loves playing with water.

I love being a Mom! It's not very rewarding yet and the kids can be quite demanding. However, there is nothing like seeing their smiling faces in the morning and kissing them at night. As they grow, you can see the world through their eyes and it makes me happy!

As of the end of this month, I will have officially stopped working. I know it has been taking time away from my kids and this is ONLY a season when they will need me to this extent. I've already wasted too many hours trying to get the praise from man and know that they are my kingdom. I can't wait to spend Christmas and the holidays with them this year in peace. (Last year I did 7 events!) It has been a bit of an identity crisis, but I know God is working in me. He is wanting me to rest in Him, knowing that He is my Father and He will take care of me. I know this will be a season of growth and reliance on Him.

I can hear William waking up and that's my signal to go.

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