Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation Time... Cabo San Lucas

We had the wonderful privilege of going to Cabo San Lucas this year on vacation! 
It was a TOTAL blessing (Thanks Mom and Dad) and we had a BLAST! 
Here is our family on vacation.
Mr. Giles, I can't believe we have three kids!
They are all so unique and adorable in their own right.
Although it was a HUGE endeavor going to Mexico
with three small children,
we've always loved traveling with our kids and
watching them experience new destinations!
This is my fun, creative, strong, quirky girl, Gabriella.
I love this picture!
I think we look a lot alike here, which makes it even more special.
I LOVE having a little girl! 
This is our calm, peaceful, funny, 'all boy' William.
He is such a delight to us.
He continues to grow into a little man and wants to be just like his Daddy.
I really can't get enough of him! 
This is our newest addition Wesley.
He LOVES to be with people and we LOVE being with him!
He laughs and smiles all the time.
He got two new teeth, learned to crawl and stand during our trip.
Needless to say, he was very busy! 
My twins, separated by 25 years!
Could they look anymore alike?
I LOVE this!
They are such handsome guys.
When I look at William, it feels like I get a glimpse of what 

Daniel looked like as a little boy
and it makes me smile. 
Mr. Giles is an incredible husband and father!
He is SO much fun and is fully involved in every aspect of parenting.
He listens to them, makes them laugh, plays with them
and encourages them to be brave.
(Which requires me to bite my tongue sometimes.) 
This is Grandma Suzie and Gabriella.
They are 'Two Peas in a Pod'.
They have such a wonderful connection
and love to laugh, play and tease each other.
I think Gabriella gets her strength and tenacity from her Grandma.

Well... that was a glimpse of our vacation. 

Such wonderful memories! 

Now, back to reality and continuing to unpack our new house....


  1. So CUTE Deb's!!! Amazing!!!

  2. Love your blog and photos!! Im off this week, call me when you get a breather! love you, Stac


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