Friday, August 26, 2011

40 Day Fast: Day 1- Preparation

Our church, The Rock of Roseville, is holding a '40 Day Fast'.
 It starts TODAY and goes until Oct. 4, 2011. 
See more information HERE

They have AMAZING videos and information on fasting!  

Mr. Giles and I have decided to join in the fast! 
This has been the first time in 6 years,
 I'm not pregnant or nursing
 and can juice fast.
We are VERY excited about this HUGE endeavor!
I've done MANY 40 Day Fasts, 
between the ages for 18 - 25 years old.
However, this is the FIRST fast
since getting married and having kids. 
It's NOT going to be as easy,
 since I still have to cook meals for my three little ones. 
Yet Daniel and I feel and urgency to do it. 
We'll be praying for clarity and direction for our lives. 
We can feel the anticipation in the air... 

or maybe it's the Wheatgrass on the counter? 
So, in preparation for this endeavor...
I have enlisted the help of my Mom, 
the Web and friends to advise us. 
There are SO many wonderful resources out there! 

For starts, we'll be doing a 'Three Day Colon Cleanse'
It's a simple, yet an effective way to clean out the body of toxins. 
Plus it helps to alleviate the frequent headaches 
that come at the beginning of a long fasts. 

Today, I went to the health food store and 
picked up the items needed to make this cleanse. 
Here is the simple recipe: 
3 Day Colon Cleanse:
* Make sure you use seeds and not powder.

Eat the cleanse SLOWLY during breakfast time. 
Do this 3 mornings in a row. 
*This is only usefully for juice fasting 
My parents have used this cleanse for 20 years and it works great! 

Also, to make life easier, I made the remaining 2 days in Ziplock bags.
(without the juice)
All I have to do is add the juice (the night before) and stick it in the fridge.
I will remember this step, since it will be the ONLY thing I eat all day! : D

So... I'll keep you posted during our 40 day fast.
I hear the first three days are the hardest... we'll see! 

Cheers, until we meet again!


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