Friday, July 22, 2011

Fourth of July Decorations

Thought I should share my simple, inexpensive ideas for decorating our doorstep 
for the 4th of July BEFORE the month is over!
 (You'll have to remember to look at this next June. LOL) 

We were really tight financially in June... okay more like... REALLY TIGHT!!!
 I always struggle spending money on the non-necessities during times like these, 
when we are trying to catch up financially from a crazy month 
including moving house, going on vacation and slow sales.
 (My husband works commission) 

However, while I was walking through Walmart getting my groceries, 
I saw some (cheap) cute decorations and justified purchasing them. 
I took it out of the weekly food budget. 
I think all the decor, plants and flag cost under $30. SCORE! 

Havilah, my sister, gave me a Paper Wreath for Christmas. I LOVE IT!
I've hung it on my front door and have envisioned decorating it for every season.
(Pictures to come!) 
I came across some 4th of July cupcake liners.
They came with toothpicks topped with starts.
I attached them to my wreath like flowers and pinned them with the toothpicks. 

I LOVE how they turned out! 

 I planted my flower pots with 4th of July colored flowers.
The flowers were on sale and I purchased the soil from a neighbor.
(The joys of being a one-car family and stuck at home!) 

Aren't they lovely?
Lastly, I HAD to hang a flag!
 I think everyone in our neighborhood hangs a flag.
That's what I love about living here.
On our walks, I always make the kids count the flags on the homes.
So much fun and they learn their numbers too!

Secretly, I always call the 4th of July...
"Independence From Evil, Old England" to Mr. Giles!
He loves how patriotic the American's are. WINK!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! 
Cheers, until we meet again,  

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  1. Beautiful, Debs! Very patriotic, warm and inviting! You really ARE a Proverbs 31 wife & Mom! Looks like a lot more than $30! Love you! -- "Aunt" Debbie


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