Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Giles - 28 things you might not know about Mr. Giles

Today is my husband's 28th birthday! 
I am so blessed to share my life with this amazing man. 
If you don't know him, you REALLY should. 
So to celebrate this wonderful day...
 I'm going to share 28 random facts about him. 
So very 'un-British' of me to be sharing his secrets... 
but he married an American, so he'll have to suffer through it!

One of his first jobs was working as a PUNTER in Cambridge.
He won the award for giving the BEST tour.
He can nap anywhere and at anytime.
 When we were dating, he would miss our dates because he was asleep! 
Yes... I still married him. 

He's an ARTIST. 
He went to a ART College for two years and 
was excepted into a University for Art, 
but he decided to do a church internship instead. 

He rubbed my FEET every night when I was pregnant. 
That's a huge deal if you've ever seen my feet. 

He does not PROCRASTINATE. If it needs to get done, he does it!

He's extremely HANDY. 
If he can read how to do it, he can do it. 
Usually, there's one moment in the project when he says he's going to give up, 
but he always keeps going and finishes it. 

He's very TICKLISH! 
If you tickle him for a really long time... you can get him to yell, "NO." 
(I love it because with his British accent it sounds like, "NEEEWWWW." 

When we first met, he was a Barista for Starbucks and 
had the opportunity to become a 'Coffee Master.'
 I helped him study for the exam. 
He went to London to take the BIG exam and passed. 
He's been making my coffee every morning since. 
He's really good not letting me STAY MAD. 
He used to make me repeat this saying when we were dating,
 "I get upset about small, little things and it ruins our time together." 
Sometimes I would say it through tears, but at the end, 
we would both be laughing. 

He loves wearing a DRESSING GOWN. (aka: bathrobe) 
When I met him, I remember seeing him in his dressing gown and thinking, 
"What! A 19 year old guy wears a dressing gown?" 
My Dad always wore a bathrobe and I found this very charming. 

He's a really good COOK. 
He knows how to make anything and makes a great stir-fry! 
(too bad he married someone who doesn't like veggies.)

He's got an amazing LAUGH. 
One of those deep chuckles. 
He laughs every day, he's very happy. 

He doesn't mind the sight of blood or throw up. 
He's in charge of all clean ups when one of our kids gets sick or hurt. 

He plays the RECORDER really well! Didn't find that out until one of the kids received one as a present. He picked it up and started playing, I was stunned! 
He loves anything on TV that has to do with 

His favorite movie is 'Home Alone'. 
Although he would NEVER admit that to your face. 
Even though he comes from the UK, 
which is know for Cynicism, 
he has a genuine FAITH in God and people. 
He always believes the BEST in people and is very non-judgemental. 
Funny that his names means,"To NOT JUDGE" 
and mine means, "To JUDGE." It's so TRUE!

He loves DANCE/TECNO music. 
I think that's because they always play it on British Radio. 
He even has his favorite radio station saved when we go to San Francisco. 

He loves to DANCE, but doesn't really know how.
 (Me too) In fact, that's one of our favorite things 
about attending weddings together... the dancing! 
Can you see us? We are wearing black and white. 
He loves WORSHIP music and loves to sing.
 If it were up to him, it would be playing constantly 
as the background music to our lives. 

twenty one
He can't stand BONES in any meat. 
As long as their in there, he refuses to eat it. 

twenty two 
He's a great SWIMMER and loves the water. 
twenty three
He's in charge of all POTTY TRAINING for our kids.
 It grosses me out and he's very consistent. 

twenty four 
I've never met a person who didn't LIKE Daniel. 
He's everyone's friend and is always warm and welcoming. 
I'm sure that why he's so good at managing and sales. 

twenty five 
Every JOB POSITION Daniel has applied for, he's got. 
He walks in favor everywhere he goes. 

twenty six
He's very HONEST. 
Even when he's wrong, he always quick to admit it. 
What more could a wife ask for? 

twenty seven
Daniel loves being a DAD! 
He loves having kids and loves playing with them.
 He's very patient and fun. 

twenty eight
Daniel is the BEST husband! 
God totally knew what I needed. 
He's relaxed, sincere, faithful, diligent, up for anything, 
kind, loves to laugh, a lover of God, responsible 
and a true servant leader. 
Daniel has never asked to be recognized, 

Happy Birthday Baby! 
I love you, Doots 

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  1. This is the best birthday present you could have given Daniel....such a beautiful tribute!


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