Monday, August 1, 2011


Ever since Havilah purchased these chairs on Craigslist, 
I've had my eye on them!  
I LOVE the look of them and the structure they have. When Havilah decided to get rid of them and give them to charity, I jumped at the chance to redo them! (Plus they were FREE!)
So, I've been thinking a lot about them, 
especially when I see them in my backyard EVERY day. 
How can I redo them? 
What style should I make them?
 How can I make them kid-friendly AND stylish? 
Since I'm not a fan of the country wood color, 
plus I don't need ANY more dark wood in my home,
 I've decided to lighten them up.
So...first things first.
Get the seat cushions off.
I've seen this done a MILLION times on design shows,
but I've never done it myself.
This is usually something I would wait and ask Mr. Giles to do.
Since he's really fast and has all the tools.
However, he's been working 3 weeks straight and
 I've become impatient!

So... I took them off myself.
My family is applauding right now,
as they know I'm not good at these things. 
Actually it was REALLY easy.
They were disgusting...moldy and horrible. (Totally tweaked my OCD!)
However, I have visions of them looking fabulous and had to overcome my fears! 
Cushions Off. YEAH! 
Honestly, the cushions were SO BAD, I have to throw out!
(including the wood and foam)
This is going to add to the overall cost.
However, I couldn't imagine putting beautiful fabric on
 disgusting cushions
and knowing what was underneath! 
I used a sanding block. I LOVE them!
Some guy tried to sell me on the sanding papers
because of the curves on the chairs,
but I didn't use them.
The block is all you need and I only used one.
 It cost around $4.
So far... this is a really cheap date! 
It took about 4 hours, but they got done.
Almost thought about keeping them sanded,
but I NEED to lighten up my house.
 So, I've decided to paint them.

That's it for now.... stay tuned for more pictures to come! 
Cheers, until we meet again!

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