Monday, August 15, 2011

Makeover Monday: Our Family Schedule

Good Morning! 

As you know, having 3 kids in 4 years has been quite an endevor. 
As a very 'scheduled and checklist' type person, I find myself overcome 
by the daily interruptions and overwhelming monotony of my job as a SAHM. 

It always seems like I'm looking online for ways to manage our time, routines and chores. 
Many of the forms out there are too boring generic for me. 
So, I decided to create my own.
 I'm slowly making my "Mommy Folder". 
Once it's complete, it will be revealed. 
Until then, I'm going to show you some of the forms I've been creating. 

This week I created our Family Routine and Family Chores. 
It's a VERY simple version. 
I didn't want to overwhelmed my family with 'Excel, color-coded, up to the minute' schedules
and thought this would be easier. 

How you like them? 

Here is the Giles Family Routine and Chore Chart:

Giles Family Routine and Chores -  

I'm going to make blank ones you can download if you like. (Once I figure out how to do it!) 

So... that's it for now. 
Some of the routines may change as school starts. 
I don't mind. 
Ask Mr. Giles, it's one of my FAVORITE things to do. 

Cheers, until we meet again!

1 comment:

  1. I, too, had 3 kids in 4 years. There's a brief moment in time that I really only remember nursing and/or laundry, sometimes simultaneously!

    While I love a loose routine, I am easily distracted. Having a "family notebook" saved my sanity. I did detailed schedules and calendars for a while and all sorts of organization systems.

    Now, I am back to a blank calendar that I print out every 4 months and the whole family uses to pencil in activities. I use a pretty 3-ring-binder with pocketed dividers that hold all the important stuff & a cute folder for bills and money related items. The cute and pretty stuff is my little mind game to help me Want to use them. I am very visual.

    I love the resources on, especially her "daily docket". You can download them for free. I make front and back, full page copies for every day of the month and date them in advance so it's not as easy to "skip" a day. These are the first pages in my binder. It saves my sanity and provides a good visual to keep my priorities and focus on the important things.

    Of course, over the summer, we scrap the whole thing and wonder around aimlessly enjoying the non routine of sleeping in and sunshine. By, September, I'm craving scarves, sweaters, and schedules.
    And, so the cycle continues...
    Sorry, I hijacked your comments!... suppose I should write my own blog post.

    Happy organizing and enjoy the peace of mind!


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