Monday, August 8, 2011

Makeover Monday: Our Living Room

Okay, since we moved into our new home, 
I've been wanting to tackle some decorating projects. 
However, we've been playing catch up financially 
and we've chosen to not spend ANY money 
that's not absolutely necessary!
So, like a TRUE Melancholy, 
I've put off changing ANYTHING until I have EVERYTHING I need. 
(Yes.. this drives Mr. Giles nuts!)
 However, I have become tired of 'pinning' on Pinterest 
and decided to start decorating without spending a lot of money! 

So, armed with a $2 can of white spray paint, 
a borrowed table from my Mom, 
flowers from my garden, 
a $10 Silver Tea Set I purchased at a yard sale this weekend
 and $10 worth of printed family photos...
This was my weekend project:

While hanging the pictures, we realized we only had 7 photos
 to hang on the wall, instead of 8. Opps!
So, we left them like this. LOL 
This wall is the first thing you see when you enter our home. 
Mr. Giles was gracious enough to hang a few pictures the week we moved in. 
However, I've been wanting to lighten things up
and get rid of al the black picture frames and dark furniture. 

So, I took the frames and painted them white. 
Then I went to and ordered 4 - 8x10 prints for under $3 each. 
The prints are photos taken during our Cabo San Lucas Vacation this year. 

I've added some simple steps on how to decorate a wall. 
(I'm sure you've seen this before)
The borrowed table from my Mom, 
will be returned when I can afford a Buffet. 
I liked that it's light and bright, just the style I'm going for! 

Then I added accessories. 
I started with a "Romantic Look", which included a $10 Silver Tea Set. 
A faux flower from Pottery Barn, that my husband purchased for me (on clearance),
 when we found out we were pregnant with our son, Wesley. 
The end of a curtain rod, to hang my 'Life Saying' on. 
Three mercury glass candle sticks purchased on clearance at Crate & Barrel.
A cream jar that holds the petals of my Wedding Bouquet. 
(It was given to me, as a wedding present, by my beautiful friend and bridesmaid, Staci.)
A Pottery Barn ornament that was given to me on a Christmas gift. 
So, what do you think? 

 Sometimes I have to remember that my husband lives in the house too. 
Although he loves me, 
he can't live in a home decorated totally feminine. 
So I toned it down a little. 
What do you think?

 I added some sticks that I've had FOREVER! (They're Mr. Giles favorite)
I purchased a bundle at Denio's Farmer's Market for $8.
 Fresh cuttings from my Crepe Myrtle tree that's blooming outside my kitchen window.
Lastly, a ceramic cream lantern that I purchased from Illuminations, 
before they went out of business. (That was a sad day!)
I think it will look beautiful when the candle inside the lantern is lit  
and it reflects off the Mercury Glass candle sticks. 
Don't you think?

I was right... it's gorgeous! 
Okay... so after I finished the wall, 
I looked around for other areas of the Living Room to tackle. 
Let's just say, I didn't have to look very far... 
The TV stand was staring right at me and yelling, "Pick Me!" 

So.. my next project:

It's hard when your TV Cabinet doesn't have any doors
and everything is on open shelving.
This console table was not intended to be used for our TV,
but it works for now and it's FREE!

So, my goal was to find some easy storage solutions and simple accessories.
What do you think? 
I started by organizing our DVDs. 
Honestly, we don't very many, 
because we watch movies off Hulu and Netfix. 
However, I found a storage box in my room 
and it totally matched the decor and fit the DVDs. 
Next I found a large basket holding old magazines and I filled it with blankets. 
It's always nice to add texture to a cold, modern piece of furniture. 
Lastly, I added some faux herbs I'd purchased at IKEA years ago. 

My last project was:

 It's more like a storage basket, 
we purchased from Target to use as a toy box. 
However, when we moved into this home, 
our original coffee table was too big for the space. 
This basket worked great! 
I wanted to add a little 'BLING' to the coffee table. 
I have a mirrored serving tray in my bedroom, also from Target. 
It was the ONLY Home Decor item I purchased last year! 
Yes... I know.
 We were living with my parents and
 I'm way too practical to purchase items for a home 
I was not going to live in long-term. 
When I saw this in Target, I just HAD to have it! 
I've always wanted a Mirrored Coffee table, 
but this will have to do. 
I added some magazines, a faux plant and the glass jar. 
I like the look of it and its simplicity.
 Hopefully, it will keep my kids from jumping off the coffee table
 while watching TV! 
We'll see.

Okay... now back to finishing my Dining Room Chairs, I wrote about last week. 

Cheers, until we meet again! 


  1. YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!! wow what a difference, it really looks lighter and soo put together. I am inspired but no to my next adventure the British Virgin ISles!! love you

  2. Have fun! You will be greatly missed! Especially when I'm changing diapers, wiping mouths and cleaning bathrooms. I will think of you and remember, you were in my shoes once. ; D


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